Hello! My name is Marina Semenova, based in Saint-Petersburg (RU) and I work as a Sailing Photographer all around the world.

Over and over, I enjoy creating memories of brilliant moments and emotions of the sailing in simple but elegant way. 

With carefully selected tools and skills I express my vision, ranging from dynamic action shots to art-a-like pictures. With a background in both photography and marketing I am dedicated to capture best moments of the sailing and build storytelling behind it.

I am constantly searching for in-between moments, wind, light, speed, sail and team compositions to create aesthetically pleasing images that show what a sailing sport feels like.

My goal is to capture best moments to immerse into great atmosphere of the regatta.

Ultimately passion is the key essential force that drives my work, it determines everything that I think and do.

Let me support you with Sailing Photography, Story Telling & Art Direction.

Let’s create a perfect story.

ABOUT ME. Russian Sailing Photographer Marina Semenova